FAME International Group - FAME International Group has its very humble start in 1993 as a small accounting firm. To date, FAME International Group has grown from strength to strength to a diversified service group serving business communities in ASEAN countries. 

Excellent is not a skill, it is an attitude

Over the years, FAME International Group has expanded into audit, tax, secretarial, consultancy, health, green technology, media and education. The group has established various businesses with the objective to synergize with each business units and provide quality service to customers, uplifting the values of shareholders and economic in the region. The Group currently had offices throughout Malaysia with HQ in Kuching and has also established offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Xi’an. The group consists of young, dynamic team members who are motivated to help our client’s businesses.

FAME International Group always focuses on delivering exceptional quality and unsurpassed service to its customers. We believe in taking accountability for our work by sharing our clients’ risks through a variety of methods, including consulting for equity and success fees.

Core Values


·    Build trusting relationships with our clients

·    Delivering excellent client service

·    Be professional and ethical in all aspects of our busines

·    Always provide value added services to our clients

·    Encourage new ideas and innovative thinking

·    Establish a work environment that challenges and empowers our staff 

·    Attract and retain high integrity, quality and result-driven human talents

Core Values

Our Key Persons


We take the future of mankind as vision, and synergy our professional into every trading.
FAME International College

FAME International College

FAME focuses on professional and entrepreneurial development that ensures students are successful not only in their studies and future careers but also in their daily lives. This focused approach resulted in students graduating with distinctions at all levels.

FAME International Mobile Technology

FAME International Mobile Technology

Sweets Media provides an alternative to target marketing advertisement. uCloud Accounting is based on the Saas model, providing financial and accounting services for small and micro enterprises. WeMedia is an online advertising network that allows you to reach your potential customers via smartphone which used by everyone.

FAME International Green Technology

FAME International Green Technology

FAME International Green Technology is a Sarawak home grown research & development company focused on reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and using green energy for sustainable environment.

FAME International Health

FAME International Health

FRONTIER INTERNATIONAL was founded to bring HEALTH TO NATIONS AND MANKIND. This statement reflects the Vision and Mission of its founder, DR. SJ. JONG, a lady with great passion for the health of society. Dr. Jong’s caring and sharing philosophy is motivated by her belief that healthcare must be made available to all STRATAS of society. In her own words and wisdom “Frontiers of science must not only be conquered but must be shared for the benefit of Mankind”.

ASEAN-China Entrepreneurs Conference Sdn. Bhd

ASEAN-China Entrepreneurs Conference Sdn. Bhd

ASEAN-China Entrepreneurs Conference is a renowned international conference, which gathered many global entrepreneurs and businessmen at the heart of Sarawak – Kuching.

Global Capital Circle Sdn. Bhd.

Global Capital Circle Sdn. Bhd.

Global Capital Circle Sdn. Bhd. is a global pioneer mergers and acquisitions O2O platform. GCC is a branch of China Capital Circle with more than 150,000 users, which allows you to master the global capital information.

Digital Economy Hub Sdn Bhd (Sarawak)

Digital Economy Hub Sdn Bhd (Sarawak)

Digital Economy Hub Sdn Bhd is the most conductive center with the contemporary technology demonstration and experiencing gallery, 3D printing labs,Makers Education, VR Studio, Robotics to cultivate and nurture interest and instill more digital talents and STEAM community, which is an important building block of the digital economy.

FAME International 3D Printing Sdn Bhd

Integrating with STEAM, our 3D printing focuses on education, industrial outsourcing, and introducing new business models for entrepreneurs in this field.

FAME International Robotics Sdn Bhd

We provide very comprehensive robotics education and courses for hobby, industry and automation.

FAME International Technology Manufacturer

We focus in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and work with the most sought-after STEM education, Makeblock to enhance learning through practical activities and games.

FAME International VR Sdn Bhd

A new era of virtual reality. Promote entertainment to a whole new level.

FAME International Trading Sdn Bhd

Specialize in importing and exporting.

FAME International Service Sdn Bhd

Assisting Borneo entrepreneurs in expanding their markets through digital business platforms and entering international markets with our digital business and marketing expertise. –Alibaba.com

FAME International Fintech Sdn Bhd

Focus on financial technology. This is a new technology and innovation, aiming to compete with traditional financial methods in financial services.

FAME International Consultant Sdn Bhd



As the 5th largest company in Malaysia, we have more than 900 partners and employees across the country and more than 10,000 customers in 12 regions across the nation can use our advantage.


Crowe Horwath International is a network of accounting and advisory services firms. Crowe Horwath International is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks. The network consists of 752 offices with over 33,207 employees in 130 countries.


Many acquisitions fail to live up to expectations. The reasons range from poor deal structure, poor strategic fit, failure to identify problems with the quality of earnings, overly optimistic of synergies, to lack of an integration plan.


As tax regulations change in different parts of the world, it is really challenging to keep up with strategies that would optimise compliance. Our international platform provides these kinds of expertise that you need in formulating tax strategies. We have a track record as one of the largest tax practices in Malaysia, established over 30 years.


H.W. Secretarial Services Sdn Bhd has been established more than 18 years, specialises in providing professional services in corporate secretarial, company secretary, company formation and business establishment services in Malaysia.


Horwath Capital Beijing is part of Crowe Horwath International ranked as one of the world’s top 10 largest groups of accounting, tax and business consultancy firms. As one of the largest global professional service organizations, Horwath has more than 140 accounting and advisory services firms with 560 offices in more than 100 countries around the world.



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